The information and images published on the online page are of real products.

Stock is usually up to date and we try to change the actual quantity of products at the time it is sold. We also advise you to ask before purchasing a product if we have sufficient availability to be able to serve it to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All prices that are published in our online store:

They have VAT included.

They may undergo changes.

Shipping costs will be added directly to your order when you place it.

Our intention is to always provide you with a quality service, in which you can feel comfortable and safe, which is why we have the following payment methods:

Virtual POS.- With access to a POS connected to a bank, so CALZADOS MARINA never has access to the user’s bank details.


We ship worldwide. The established shipping charges will appear on your order when you make the purchase and detail the area.

We work with CORREOS. No order will leave the facility without being reviewed, properly packaged, and paid for by the customer.

Once the customer completes the purchase, we proceed to package the selected product(s), with the shipping information correctly included, and they are taken to our parcel company.

Shipping costs are clearly specified once the customer has defined the shipping location before completing the purchase process, so that they are always informed of additional shipping costs.

There is no delivery on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, we count within 48 hours only on weekdays.

There is no possibility of specifying a specific time and day for the delivery of the product due to the international situation, always using a standard shipping service. If the customer wants express shipping, he must contact us before making the purchase to receive an estimated price.

If the person is not at the place where the package is received, the delivery person will call the customer to arrange a new delivery.

If the address was incorrectly entered by mistake, they would proceed to send an email to the company so that we can contact you and verify the data.


No product is returnable, except in the case of breakage, poor condition of the merchandise or incorrect size, in this case, we would proceed to exchange it for another suitable for your need or if we did not have more real stock, refund your money.

In the event that you do not want the product, we could exchange it for another, but never for the money.

To facilitate the return procedures, if you meet the requirements to be returned, we ask you to please open the package in front of the delivery person and inform him that the product is not in good condition.

If you have not notified the delivery person of the poor condition of the product, you can contact us within 48 hours from the moment you receive the merchandise.

If the product is in poor condition or damaged, we will take care of a new replacement without problems. On the contrary, if these conditions do not exist, the customer would bear the costs of the return.

We try to work and improve to be able to offer you the best service, with the highest quality and of course, efficiently.

Do not hesitate to contact us through the telephone number +34 676 95 99 60 or through our email, if you have any questions or cannot find a product, we will try to help you as much as possible.

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